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BREAKFAST – the one that will jump start your day! The following recipe is a cereal which you make yourself and has every nutrient and vitamin for your body’s daily needs. You have it with Soya or Rice Milk. The reason I have gone to the trouble of researching these natural ingredients is that I was run down and realised I was not getting enough nutrients into my body. I wanted to go to sleep by mid afternoon and I felt washed out and dizzy. By making it yourself, you know what is going in it. There won’t be unnecessary salt or sugar or E numbers that you don’t understand because you have purchased your natural ingredients carefully from a health food shop. You can make up enough for 10 days or more. This cereal is not only for the oldies, my 26 year old daughter loves it and felt she needed a good start to the day and plenty of energy for her high powered and often stressful job. I purchase the largest bag of Jumbo oats from the supermarket, and from the healthfood shop I buy natural apricots, pumpkin seeds, nuts, wheatgerm, linseeds, roasted buckwheat, prunes and sultanas. Choose natural or organic where you can. The ingredients will be expensive at the start as you are purchasing everything you need all at once. After this initial purchase I find that I spend on average £3.50 per month to replenish the stock. You will need a blender for quick chopping and mixing of all the ingredients.

This new treat for your body will start to take effect after a few days. After a few weeks you really do start to feel energetic. After 3 months you notice that you are no longer tired, your immune system is stronger and any loss of libido is restored. You start to feel very good about yourself and because of the daily roughage you are keeping the waste moving more quickly through your system. You will start to lose weight because you’re not eating wheat or dairy and you won’t need a mid morning snack as this cereal really fills you till lunch time. Your skin will start to feel good and you will start to glow!

Try it:

10 cups Jumbo Oats

5 tbsp. Wheatgerm

5 tbsp. Roasted Buckwheat

5 tbsp. Golden Linseeds

5 tbsp. Pumpkin Seeds

1 tbsp. Almonds or Brazil nuts (or both)

1 tbsp. Walnuts

6 dried natural Apricots

6 seedless Prunes (optional)

2 tbsp. Sultanas

Put all the ingredients except the Oats and Sultanas in the blender and mix for 20 seconds. Add the oats and blend for 1 minute. Mix the Sultanas in by hand, no need to blend these as they are nicer left whole. Keep cereal in a tight fitting container. Serve a small amount of cereal with a chopped Banana on top if desired and Soya or Rice milk. Enjoy!




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